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Coal Fine Pelletizing Machine

Coal Fine Pelletizing Machine

Coal Pelletizing Machine Manufacturer Zenith Group is a professional coal fine pelletizing machine manufacturer and exporter in China, we offer […]

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Coal Pelletizing Machine Manufacturer

Zenith Group is a professional coal fine pelletizing machine manufacturer and exporter in China, we offer coal crusher, coal pelletizing machine with professional design and excellent price. In the past few years, our coal pellet machine have been sold to India, Vietnam, Venezuela, Canada, Bolivia, Ecuador, Australia, Tanzania, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Uganda, Argentina, Oman, Congo, Germany, Bangladesh, America, Italy, Singapore, Libya, Angola, Tajikistan, Dubai, Brazilian, etc.

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Coal Fine Pelletizing Machine

An economic evaluation of the three systems under consideration found the pneumatic system to be the highest in cost. The pelletizing system was second highest and the dustwetting/ribbon conveying system was the least expensive. It is conceivable, however, that the pelletizing system would have been the lowest in cost had the chemical additive costs been considered as a factor in the pricing of the dust-wetting system.

Mining and processing of coal to provide a product to meet market requirements inevitably results in the formation of a fine coal fraction, which is not favoured by the user. In the early days of the industry, when steam trains burning large lumps of coal were the main form of industrial transport and power generation was achieved by burning coal on chain grate stokers, fine coal could be defined as being less than 6mm. Today coal burning power stations use pulverised fuel and accept a product down to 200 micron in size. The limitation on the bottom size as delivered is the high moisture content of the fine coal and the handleability of the coal.

The fine coal, or more correctly the ultra fine coal can carry in the order of 20 % moisture and difficulty can be experienced in discharging feedstock containing this material from railway trucks and from power station stockpiles. In addition to the handling problem, the high moisture content reduces the “as received” calorific value and can reduce the capacity of pulverising mills at power stations due to the extra moisture that must be driven off. The increased use of mechanised mining has increased the amount of fine coal generated, many mines reporting up to 6% of the run of mine coal as being in the minus 200 micron fraction. Until recently this material has been disposed of either underground in old workings or on surface in slimes dams. Both practices are environmentally unacceptable and are a cost against the profit of the mine.